2 weeks of oops

So even though I planned to write each week so I could keep tabs of my accomplishments, I’ve skipped about two weeks now. That’s probably because these 2 weeks I haven’t really done much. Partially because last week I was too busy binging on anime, catching up to the 5 weeks worth of anime I missed while I binged on kdramas before that. Then this week I had a sore throat (or something along those lines) and the medicine from the doctor basically turned my brain into a pile of mush. All in all, two weeks of practically nothing. Now I’m not going to say they were completely gone to waste… just mostly.

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Chinese New Year incoming!

2 weeks into my newfound determination to work harder, I’m already faltering. Korean Dramas are my bane apparently. I spent the first week in Feb watching Queen In Hyun’s man and didn’t get as much work as I’d like done… and then the second week watching Pinocchio. I still managed to get some things done, but most of the work accomplishments were so trivial that they’re not worth mentioning. Mostly I’ve just been adjusting to a new schedule. Previously I set weekly and daily goals for myself, and then worked towards them each day, rewarding myself if I accomplished those goals. However, what I’ve found is that the system is a bit too free for someone who gets sidetracked as easily as myself. Therefore I’ve started to set a stricter system for myself, where each week I’ll basically lay out my days, hour by hour, making sure I allocate enough time towards meeting the weekly goals each day. So far I’ve been following the set schedule for half a week, and I’ve started to work on more things that I couldn’t find time for before.

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Gathering my thoughts for 2015. Wall of Text

First off… apologies for the wall of text below… but as I’m mostly writing for myself, I suppose not so sorry? This is the first post in a long time and I’m just trying to use it to set goals for myself going into 2015. To everyone else who set up yearly goals and resolutions… fighting~ For those not interested in reading the whole thing (I expect 100% of anyone who stumbles across this) there IS a very useless tldr at the bottom.

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OGN Summer Champions RO16 Recap

Just wanted to leave this video here really quickly for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet!  It’s a really well made highlight video in my opinion so props to OGN’s team.  All of this happened only in the RO16 and I think that the Korean scene is nuts right now with all these stars and strong teams.  I think what sets them apart from the other scenes right now though are the casters and the crowd.  The crowd in particular.  I love the moments in the highlight reel where the music fades back and you hear the crowd roar in the background.  I can’t wait for Worlds!

LoL news 7/30/2013 [The Streak Continues]

Lessons from Korea

Riot Korea is releasing a series of videos “League of Legends Summer Lessons”, inviting star players to come on the show and talk about and explain some things about their respective roles.

The top lane lesson with Flame and Shy can be found here

The jungle lesson with Cloud Templar and watch can be found here

International Leagues

IEM Shanghai

The top four teams of the LPL, OMG-LoL, iG, WE, and Royal Club went to Shanghai to take part in the Intel Extreme Masters event.  WE and iG faced off in the finals, after beating OMG-LoL and Royal Club repsectively, and WE came out ahead 2-0 for the victory.

OGN Groups

The group stages for Champions Summer 2013 are now over.  The top two teams of each group are:

  • Group A – MVP Ozone and Jinair Fcn
  • Group B – CJ Entus Blaze and CTU
  • Group C – SKT T1 #2 and Najin White Shield
  • Group D – CJ Entus Frost and KT Rolster Bullets

Many of the teams contains All-stars and it isn’t unexpected for these teams to have made it through.  MVP Ozone are the champions of the Spring season and have been one of the strongest teams recently.  Jinair has Reapered, who was the famous top laner in SKT T1.  CJ Entus Blaze and Frost have always been fan favorites and have been considered two of the strongest teams in any region since their days as Azubu Blaze and Frost.  SKT T1 #2 didn’t do that well in the Spring season but they’ve always been a team that was up there but not quite at the top.  Faker and crew have gone 3-0 in their group though and in fact they were the only ones to do so.  There may be hope yet.  Najin shield has long time pro LocoDoco who some might know from way back when, when he was playing in the North American scene.  KT Rolster Bullets has the now infamous inSec, although he has since moved to the top lane from his home in the jungle.  The only truly “new” team, at least from my perspective, would be CTU.  They narrowly beat out Najin Black Sword (sadly because that was one of my favorite teams, even without MakNoon), and though I’m not expecting much from them, as always a part of me cheers for the underdogs!





  • Cloud 9 continue their win streak, winning all 3 of their games this week, tying up Dignitas’ 10-game winning streak from last split.  1 more win and they’ll set another new record for the LCS.
  • It didn’t come easy and Cloud 9 had their struggles.  For instance, in their first game this week, Velocity actually took the early lead with first tower, first dragon, and first kill.  However a teamfight for the second dragon of the game turned it all around and Cloud 9’s “Press R and fight” composition won them the day.
  • Dignitas vs TSM is another one of those old rivalries and it showed in the second game of day 1.  The fights went back and forth for much of the game, but TSM caught Dignitas out of position time after time and managed to secure objectives and kill more often than the reverse case and took home the win.  Kiwikid brought Aatrox into the NA LCS but alas it didn’t work well enough for them.
  • Game 3 was Vulcan vs Coast and it was a long, drawn out game despite Vulcan’s solid lead and Global presence.  I, along with many others wondered if Coast would pull off another C9-esque comeback against but it wasn’t to be and Vulcan secured a shaky win.
  • Curse vs CLG is always an unpredictable match, because even when one team seems so much more dominant in the league, the other can pull off a win anyways.  This time it was Curse who managed to bring down CLG’s split push and win.
  • The next game was a game of throws between TSM and Vulcan, with TSM ultimately coming out on top through some nice team fighting.
  • Cloud 9 finishes the day with a clean finish over Coast.
  • The second day saw Dignitas see-saw back and forth.  They first got crushed by TSM when their reset comp failed but then later on go and overwhelm Curse in their next game after bringing Aatrox back in.  Dignitas continues to be highly inconsistent and they always seem to be hit or miss, whether its with their picks or plays.
  • Velocity lost all 3 games this week, to Cloud 9, Curse, and Coast (There sure are a lot of “C” teams in NA) but they’re definitely showing signs of life in these games so its still too early to count them out, especially with the inconsistency of all the other teams, minus C9.  But only a bit too early.  With 2 weeks left and 5 wins between them and 5th/6th place Curse/Dignitas, it’s going to be REALLY hard for them to pull it off in the 8 games remaining.
  • Coast’s victory over Velocity was a much needed one and although they sit in 7th, in truth they’re only 4 wins away from 2nd place Vulcan, who themselves are starting to fall into a downward spiral.  Vulcan’s buffer cushion is slowly shrinking and a 4 win lead has now turned into a 2 game lead over TSM and CLG.
  • Opposite of Vulcan who started so well only to falter now is Curse, who have stepped it up considerably.  They started off 1-4 after week 1 and you can say that they didn’t really start rolling until week 5 really.  Even so, they’ve made up a lot of ground
  • Still, Velocity and Cloud 9 aside, the remaining 6 teams are withing spitting distance of each other and Vulcan could easily be replaced by Coast as the 2nd place team.  8 games remain and teams have to really buckle down and get their plans going for these final 2 weeks.

LCS NA Week 7


Not sure why SK got rid of the blue circle around their logo.  Looks… strange to me now.

This week, Voidle stepped in for Darker as Gambit’s support and Extinkt was replaced by Mimer.

  • This week’s surprise story has to be the Lemondogs.  This league is so back and forth and it clearly shows.  Lemondogs are the only team who managed to win both their games this week, and that’s the reason they finally overtake Alternate and the rest to claim their first place standing.
  • 1 team going 2-0 usually means another going 0-2, and so it was this time as well.  SK were the unfortunate victims and with their double defeat, MYM pull themselves right back into the game.
  • The games were just as interesting as the results though.  Diamond pulled out a Jungle Karma, Nukeduck brought back Talon, a farmed Froggen Kassadin COULDN’T carry a game, SoaZ and YellowStar role swapped, Darien played Top Evelynn, and Corki and Vi were also brought back into the fray.
  • All in all, a VERY interesting week of picks and plays from the European scene and its wonderful to see teams unafraid of experimentation, even with the battle so fierce.  Or perhaps the threat of being dropped to last in the following week is whats pushing them to innovate so much.  Either way it makes it very exciting to watch.

LCS EU Week 7

League News 7/23/2013 Home crowd… disadvantage?

League of Legends as an Olympic Sport

Well… I don’t know if this is 100% true and believable, but apparently League of Legends is an Olympic event, set to appear for the first time in the 2016 Summer Olympics.  This article here states that it has already been confirmed… but I’m not sure if its believable.  I’ll go with still in consideration.  Who knows where League of Legends will be in three years time, but it would be pretty cool for it to be in the Olympics at least once right?

Competitions in Asia

Not much has changed since last week, except in the LPL.  Last week, Royal Club was in first place with WE behind them and OMG behind them while iG sat near the bottom of the table.  This week OMG leapfrogs to the top followed by iG while WE and Royal Club have fallen into 3rd and 4th respectively.

I talked about TPA Toyz and Stanley leaving their team when it was announced a couple weeks ago.  Here’s an article of them interviewed for those interested.  In it, it seems like Stanley might looking to be coming over to the USA.  Hopefully if he wants to continue playing League, a team will pick him up.  He said he was coming to study though so that might prevent him from playing in a professional league like the LCS.

LCS news

CLG officially takes on MonteCristo as their Coach.  As someone who has a lot of experience with the Asian (mostly Korean I believe) scene, maybe he can bring a bit of change to the CLG style.  He might have already been quite a big help though.  He’s been with CLG on a trial run for a couple of weeks now and with the exception of this last week, honestly CLG haven’t been doing too badly.

NIP’s Extinkt is stepping down from his role as top laner and looks to be retiring as he doesn’t have the motivation to play competitively anymore.  This could mean us seeing GodBro back in the toplane, unless they find another top laner. Continue reading

LoL news 7/17/2013 Dat Comeback.


Spirit Guard Udyr

Spirit Guard Udyr is here!  I’ve already bought him, and I think everyone who even likes playing Udyr a little bit should pick up the skin while its still on sale!  It’ll be pretty expensive in a couple of days but the price really isn’t so bad at the moment.  In addition to the skin (which is kind of like 4 skins in 1), you get the four summoner icons with the four matching banners for your profile as well.  Definitely worth!


More Icons!

Riot has released permanent LCS icons for those of us who wish to support their favorite teams!  You can get them in a bundle, or individually.  They’re a bit pricey if you’re planning to pick up quite a few of them, but honestly I think it’s an okay deal.  A part of the profit goes directly to the LCS team that you bought the icon for, and much of the rest goes towards different events and improving League of Legends.  I don’t really see anything wrong with it.  I myself have picked up quite a few to support my teams as well, and I might have even gotten more had I not run out of RP.  Sorry SK and CLG!

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